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Mar 24, 2013

Ann Perry and Melanie Davis

Discover how to experience congregational work as an integrated element in a fully rounded spiritual life. Meditation, ritual and prayer are a side of spiritual life, but service is its heart. This worship service explored the concept that service to the community is spirituality in action....

Mar 10, 2013

Rev. Tracy Sprowls-Jenks

Guest minister Rev. Tracy Sprowls-Jenks spoke about Ralph Waldo Emerson and translated his lessons into a gift for us today. On the way, we learned something about Transcendentalism, nature and human nature, and how we should be in the world.

Mar 3, 2013

Joe Jiuliano

Can the 2000 year-old stoic philosophy be relevant to modern Unitarian Universalists? UUCSH member Joe Jiuliano explored this topic and shared his thoughts.