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Oct 27, 2013

Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

Calling all Zombie Hunters, Ghostbusters, Vampire Slayers and Superheroes: the earth is again under attack and we need your help! Really, why are Zombies everywhere these days?

Oct 20, 2013

Gregory Pelley, UU Minister

Biblical scholar John Dominic Crossan refers to miracles not as changes in the physical order, but rather as changes in the social order. So let us take a thoughtful and curious look at a couple of miracle stories - one ancient and one new. Perhaps therein we might find a way to do our own...

Oct 13, 2013

Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

There is a great deal of stigma and prejudice around the serious health concerns of mental illness. Through the sharing of stories we'll reflect together on spiritual community and the role of faith in recovery for individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Oct 6, 2013

Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

The physical headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association is moving to a new location. Our denominational leadership seeks to do so in a way that preserves our rich history and allows for greater welcome, accessibility and community building our movement. How might that story inspire our...