Service Is Our Heart - March 24, 2013

Ann Perry and Melanie Davis

Discover how to experience congregational work as an integrated element in a fully rounded spiritual life. Meditation, ritual and prayer are a side of spiritual life, but service is its heart. This worship service explored the concept that service to the community is spirituality in action. Our president and vice-president shared their stories of how to balance service to our UUCSH community with living out personal missions.

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An Active Soul - March 10, 2013

Rev. Tracy Sprowls-Jenks

Guest minister Rev. Tracy Sprowls-Jenks spoke about Ralph Waldo Emerson and translated his lessons into a gift for us today. On the way, we learned something about Transcendentalism, nature and human nature, and how we should be in the world.

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Can a Unitarian Universalist Be a Stoic? - March 3, 2013

Joe Jiuliano

Can the 2000 year-old stoic philosophy be relevant to modern Unitarian Universalists? UUCSH member Joe Jiuliano explored this topic and shared his thoughts.

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