Chris Buja, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

Do you feel “called” to run a marathon? To run…period? No? Chris Buja, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, has felt that call–and continues to work toward answering the call–to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. And while you may not feel the same call to run, the journey of faith is something all are called to–runner and non-runner alike. Mr. B’s sabbatical provided a unique opportunity for him to reflect on both his journey of running and his journey of faith- discovering how the two can be intertwined. This worship service explored how some lessons and wisdom from running can apply to our faith journeys- with encouragement to take the next step in your “spiritual marathon” training!

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Green Sanctuary Team with Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

People across the globe, including our own country, struggle for access to clean water. This fight is becoming even harder as climate change affects our communities. Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith and conscience are coming together to take action on global climate change. This Earth Day Sunday, our dedicated and inspirational Green Team shared stories of the problems people face regarding water, and how and why they are committing to respond. Rev. Jennifer reflected on spiritual stewardship of our one and only precious earth, and its inhabitants.

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Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

The work of our hands mixed with the warmth of our hearts can be powerful. We hold a great deal in our hands in the care of others and ourselves. As a congregation, we often join with others to give back to our community through the shared actions of our many hands. In this service of renewal we honored how much we embrace with these hands.

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Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

In this holy week, of two significant holidays, one Jewish and one Christian, we’ll reflect together on calling. While honoring the separate heritages of Passover and Easter, we explored how the stories of those times continue to speak to us today about living lives of purpose.

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